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Cloudpeeps Marketing digitally develops and markets for you.

  • Copywriting and marketing for financial services

  • Managing your websites:
  •      Vacation Rental Websites
  •      Wordpress
  •      Woo Commerce
  •      Website Updating
  •      Something else? Just ask!

Using your content or we can provide it for you.

Marketing Specialties

Manage Wordpress websites

Financial Services Copywriting

Marketing UX & UI

Vacation Rental Websites


Vacation Rentals: link to Airbnb or VRBO to drive bookings
California General Jural Assembly
Redwood Empire Chapter
Divi Example Demos
Landing Page/Russian River
The Fatty Burger Restaurant
Cartoon-style Landing Page for Dog-walker
Mock-up menu to view color layout
Mock-up Layout: Learning Glass
Travel Posts

Cloudpeeps Marketing Web Maintenance

Level 1

Up to 5 content changes
you supply content


Level 2

same as level 1 plus up to 10 images and you supply text content



same as level 2 plus SEO optimization & analytics Optional email marketing, scanning

call for pricing


UX Website Design refers to the user experience and UI Website Design refers to the user interface design. In general UI Design refers to the look and feel of web design presentation. The website designer considers accessability guidelines in the user experience design. Good website design means interactivity is logical and the "flow" of information makes sense to the user; good website design means the user finds interactivity is easy due to good interactive design. UX deals with the interaction a user has with a product or service while at a website.

The short answer: keeping content current and of high quality. In addition,many factors contribute to high web ranking. These include effective meta tags, image "alt" labels, effective use of relevant keywords and long-tail keywords. Search engines look for current, quality content and over time a website gains "authority". Being referenced by or linked to other "authoritative" sites helps gain authority. Usually gaining rank develops over months or years versus happening immediately. Search engines seek ongoing web content, ongoing updating, and quality content authoriing.

Sometimes image loading is not optimized. Sometimes the template being used for the website is "heavy" versus being lightweight. Some web designers don't know why templates make a difference in loading speed and display. A designer while good at design, design trends, and design services may create a beautiful website adhering to good design principles, but they may not know the coding techniques for making a website load quickly or optimizing loading speed or choosing templates or plugins that load quickly. It is also possible there are bandwidth or carrier issues. There also could be web hosting problems.

In general CSS or "cascading style sheets" gives colors, positioning, style, and more to a website design. Why is this of interest in considering website design? A unique CSS stylesheet is made for your website. The CSS stylesheet specifies the colors being used, the text font-families being used and much more for your unique website. Your web design professional can supply you with one, two, or several CSS stylesheets. This means you can easily change your colors and website design by substituting or interchanging CSS stylesheets.

We can create simple websites and landing pages from scratch. For more interactivity we may use Wordpress, Shopify, Bootstrap, or plugins such as Woocommerce (for E-commerce).

Responsive websites look good and function well in laptops, desktops, tablets, and phones. The screen displays usually differ.

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